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MC Yogi to perform at the launch event of Stress Free Violence Free Campaign

Stress Free Violence Free Campaign invites everyone to join the campaign and attend the Launch Event. Join prominent community leaders, government officials, educators, reformers, activists, and inspired citizens in honoring a commitment to… Continue reading

Fremont Leadership Conference – Coming together for Stress Free Violence Free Society

On March 9th , The Safe and Peaceful Fremont Leadership Conference attracted a wide array of leaders on the theme of working together to build a Stress Free Violence Free community (SFVF). It… Continue reading

International Women’s Day – Call For Action – stressFreeViolenceFree.org

Happy International Women’s Day. Yet another day to sing praise for women around our lives and elsewhere ? I don’t think so. It’s a reminder for “Call for Action”. Women have endured enormous disappointments,… Continue reading

March 24th – Stand up and Show up for Stress Free Violence Free Society

We humans are bunch of social beings. We cannot live in isolation. Innovation, culture, societal structure, science, art, governance, sports, technology, business, commerce etc. are the means of human consciousness to evolve itself… Continue reading

Stress-Free Violence-Free Society Campaign Website is launched

Wow !! It feels uplifting to be part of a cause which is good and big. The smallness vanishes. The expansion happens. Stress Free and Violence Free Society Campaign website is launched. Visit… Continue reading

Creating a Stress-Free and Violence-Free Society

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on Jan 26th through Google hangout addressed people from all around the world discussing the need, urgency and solutions in creating a stress free and violence free society. The… Continue reading

Google Hangout with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar joined by prominent personalities

It is getting truly global now. The google hangout with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar will be joined by other prominent personalities from all spheres of society – sportsmen, media, politicians, musicians. Check them… Continue reading

Google Hangout with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar – Kumar Sangakkara

The Sri Lankan star batsman and wicket keeper Kumar Sangakkara will also join the Google hangout with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on  creating a stress free & violence free society and schools. Please… Continue reading

Peace !!

“If such and such thing happens, I would be happy”. “I can be peaceful if such and such thing happens”. “This is the last problem I have to face before I can rest… Continue reading