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You are Unique – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

One of the major struggle of humanity is to trying to find acceptance with everyone from an external point of view. Everyone has suffered from trying to be accepted. In recent times, I have… Continue reading

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar answers “What is the truth about life ?”

Knowledge Sheet: What is the truth about life? The truth is that the five senses are going outwards. The attraction towards the outside world is more and the attraction towards the inside world… Continue reading

Moving parallely and together without clash through spirituality

In a relationship if both the people have their focus on spirituality then they will move ahead together like parallel lines move, without clashing, to infinity. The moment they will shift their focus… Continue reading

Into Photography…

Right from childhood playing kaleidoscope, making a pin-hole camera, physics experiments with prism, camera both film and digital has been bedrock of capturing rich expressions. Though one can say it is just photo with… Continue reading

There is fairness in everything.

“There is fairness in everything” – The Law of Karma. We often go through a passage of time, where we feel we have been badly treated or unlucky or “why me?”. When the… Continue reading

The Master

The Master connects you with ‘That’ intelligence that is pervading everywhere. The Master kindles the inner awakening and brings the “Aho” in you. The Master protects you from downfall when you stumble. The… Continue reading

Empty the Cup

“I know this already”, “There is nothing new, “This the same stuff”. These can be signs that we are closing ourselves for further possibilities. This stops from being 100% lively and attentive to… Continue reading