Balasubramania Visvanathan – Another Software Engineer, another aspirant, yet another seeker,..

Pravritti & Nivritti. The title of my blog fascinates me. Infact this is the governing principle of the universe. Silence & Sound, Work & Play, Activity & Rest, Reason & Faith bear some close resemblance to the title. A balance of Pravritti & Nivritti makes our life meaningful and fulfilling.

This blog would be a journal of my experiences, learning,  my blunders & bloopers, questions, humour, sattire, science, spirituality, confluence of science and spirituality, non-profit, religion, Art of Living foundation, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Guruji, Photography, Squash, and so on.

I am absolutely true to what I write here. I might even border on contradictions. But then Truth is contradictory. You are even welcome to share a post and leave comments on the post if you think we share common interest and might benefit the larger good.

Maintaining decorum is absolutely essential.

Disclaimer: All views expressed are personal.