Fremont Leadership Conference – Coming together for Stress Free Violence Free Society

On March 9th , The Safe and Peaceful Fremont Leadership Conference attracted a wide array of leaders on the theme of working together to build a Stress Free Violence Free community (SFVF). It was a full house event including some of the most influential people in Fremont – top city officials, police leaders, non-profits, school board members and principals, ethnic groups and community leaders.

Checkout the conference photos here :

Karishma, a volunteer from the Art of Living moderated the event and did a fantastic job in  flow. There were five panels in all starting with the City Council and Planning commission represented by Raj Salwan and Yogi Chugh. They presented the city council’s vision of how to make Fremont safer and more peaceful for all its citizens.

This was followed by the Fremont Chief of Police Richard Lucero and Police department Community Manager Geneva Bosques who provided great insight into the violent criminal activities taking place in the city and the resources that the police provide to deal with it and how everyone can participate in activities such as the Neighborhood Watch program to make the city safer for all.

We had Dr. Gayathri Sundar Board member from Narika who gave a very moving speech on the topic of Domestic violence and shared surprising statistics of how prevalent this is in the South Asian community and what we can do to support them. She was supported by Executive Director Rodney Clarke from SAVE which deals also with teenage violence.

We had an excellent session on School Safety started by Desrie Campbell the President of the Fremont Education Foundation, followed by Lily May, a Board Member of the Fremont School District. They brought up the issues of school security in the post-Newtown era and the steps they were taking to address this. They also discussed the subject of bullying in schools.

Priya from IAHV ( instrumental with her exquisite account of how the YES (Youth Empowerment Seminar) for Schools program has transformed the lives of so many high school students throughout the Bay Area by empowering the students with amazing life skills and relaxation techniques.

Sanjana and Manik from the Art of Living gave a quick introduction about the foundation and techniques which focused on learning how to manage stress through the breath. They demonstrated a breathing techique called Bhastrika and lead a meditation. After going inward, there was a call for action for everyone to join the campaign and attend the Mar 24 launch event with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

The police department offered to invite their neighborhood groups throughout the city to join the campaign. They also offered to partner with SFVF to do joint workshops in neighborhoods throughout the city and together talk about neighborhood safety and stress management on an ongoing basis.

Three non-profit groups Narika, SAVE and Sahayata offered to partner with us and sign MOUs and requested to assist in the rehabilitation of victims of domestic and teenage violence and refugees from Nepal.

The school board invited us to attend their School Council meeting in April and present YES (Youth Empowerment Seminar) and Art of Living course information to the presidents of all PTA groups representing every single school in the Fremont Unified School District.
The Fremont Argus and Tricity Voice local newspapers offered to spread the message and awareness of this campaign.

By coming together, the Fremont-Union City-Newark residents have started creating positive change in their community.

Come be part of this ongoing campaign. Show your support for the cause. We invite you to attend the launch event on March 24th 2013 at San Jose Convention Center – 4 PM. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar will be launching the event along with other prominent personalities from the community.