March 24th – Stand up and Show up for Stress Free Violence Free Society

We humans are bunch of social beings. We cannot live in isolation. Innovation, culture, societal structure, science, art, governance, sports, technology, business, commerce etc. are the means of human consciousness to evolve itself better over time. These disciplines or aspects originate from pure space of creativity. It springs when you are truly connected within yourself. Great ideas and seeds of change originate. The expression of that creativity is what we see as the world in its complex form, so interconnected.

But somehow instead of making ourselves better to coexist, the human race stuggles from the need to establish supremacy over other species and unfortunately among its own with fierce intensity.

In childhood, we learn in history and biology about origin of human and how superior brain we developed over millennia. It baffled me that in spite of claiming ourselves to be the superior among all species, we act barbaric, commit heinous acts of violence, abuse, discrimination to our own fellow humans. This got me thinking as what constitutes a good society. Where is the individual in a society ? and what must be his/her role in the society ? It is interesting to note that there are two dynamics set into play parallel.  One is the individual consciousness and other is collective consciousness. They seem to differ but one cannot exists without the other. In creating a great society with high human values, it requires each individual to stand up and contribute.

With growing unrest, insecurity, violence, abuses, the solution cannot be top-down approach where we expect politicians to pass stricter laws, providing more security and support. They are needed ofcourse. With failing economy, this wouldn’t last long. Trust and faith has to be restored in the goodness of the people.

Many people want to contribute in some way to make their families and community a happier place to live. The question remains as how ?

With the new campaign from Art of Living called “Creating Stress Free Violence Free Society” ( I’m confident that a platform has been set. The platform is inviting everyone who share the vision to see a stress free violence free community starting from their home to everyone around them.

The inspiration behind this campaign – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, a global humanitarian and founder of Art of Living will be launching the campaign on Mar 24th 2013 in San Jose Convention Center – 4PM. You will have a wonderful opportunity to see Him and other panelists with a call for action.

Campaign has two aspects to it – Go Inward and Take Action.

Few things you can do right away

1. Sign up for campaign –

2. Show up for the launch event –

3. Like us in facebook –

4. Tweet with #peacestarts

5. Invite your friends and family to join the campaign and the launch event.

Show up


Sharing from people around for the campaign. You are Invited.

Together we can.