International Women’s Day – Call For Action –


Happy International Women’s Day. Yet another day to sing praise for women around our lives and elsewhere ? I don’t think so. It’s a reminder for “Call for Action”. Women have endured enormous disappointments, injustice and pain from all fronts – from home to corporate to politics.

To create a stress free and violence free society, women need to be empowered. Its time for action.

Abuses, domestic violence, harassment of women even in thought have to be stopped.

A stressed out individual as a victim is prone to dump it on women. Its time to make a difference. Stand up for our women and let their voice be heard louder.

Show up for the launch event of our campaign – “Creating Stress Free and Violence Free Society” on March 24th 2013  – San Jose Convention Center – 4PM

Join Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and other prominent personalities for Call for Action.