Creating a Stress-Free and Violence-Free Society

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on Jan 26th through Google hangout addressed people from all around the world discussing the need, urgency and solutions in creating a stress free and violence free society.

The event was very successful with participants from over 80 countries joining Sri Sri Ravi Shankar with their questions, enthusiasm. Google office reported the event as their largest Google Hangout ever. Thanks to technology to bring the hearts of many together. Below is the picture of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar participating in the Google Hangout.

Google Hangout with Sri Sri

Stress Free and Violence Free Society : This is a dream which everyone aspires for. You and I would love to wake up everyday morning free from the stresses of the previous day, fully relaxed, charged up to go out in the society expecting security and safety. The recent shooting incident in connecticut, the delhi rape incident has left many of us in shock and search for a solution to bring about ever-lasting peace and harmony.

From a mundane standpoint, we might think that we aren’t that affected directly. But truth is we are affected. Our own consciousness and the consciousness of society shrinks when such violence happens. Such society cannot prosper and instill cohesion. It will disintegrate with time. 

Violence happens out of stress and a mind set of intolerance, hatred and cultural insensitiveness. We cannot isolate as saying that I’m not violent and let me continue what I do. If your society is facing such challenges, then it is giving out a cry to us to do something to make it better.

Change happens from within and every individual. Change starts with commitment and action towards it. There is NOT a single person in the society who doesn’t want to contribute and uplift.

The challenge is when they try to do it without strength. We need the strength of will, strength in unity, strength in togetherness. Together we CAN do it. BELIEVE in it, Come together and it is possible.

One of my favourite personalities Mahatama Gandhi quotes often comes to me : “Be the Change you wish to be”.

Our society is compromised of various diverse people from diverse backgrounds professionally and ethnically. The solution has to come from a space of cordial environment. Lets come together for one common goal forgetting our difference. Our Goal is to create a stress free and violence free society for our future generations. In it lies our freedom too.

Serving the society is serving humanity and honoring the divinity. It is all connected with the spirit that runs each one of us. Fortunately we don’t need to start from stratch. The Art of Living is a volunteer based foundation which provides the needed platform to launch your initiative and ideas towards social empowerment. You are welcome to contribute in your capacity in any ability possible.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s through Google hangout brought millions of people in a single platform to share, inspire and propel forward. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has been serving the society for the last 32 years through various stress management and empowerment programs. Youth empowerment, Organic farming, Women empowerment, Prison Programs, Relief programs in natural calamity hit areas to name a few.

Recharge your commitment and dedication to your society.

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Here are some of the answers from the Google Hangout.

Youth from Munich, Germany : how can we inspire youth to be a part of this movement in Violence Free Stress Free Society.

Sri Sri : When you are happy and blissful, they will come to it.

Youth: They are so busy.

Sri Sri : Youth look for something new and creative. With your smile and enthusiasm you can bring them. They will love it.

What can we do to invoke courage in youth ?

Sri Sri : Introduce them to the innate strength that they have. That is what I call meditation.

Technology without values will become a disaster. Values are not a luxury anymore, it is essential. Else it will be a disaster.

– Sri Sri on Making the World a Better place

Europe is going through crisis. But we must remember this is not the worst crisis, like World War II. Those people came together then. People can come together – coming from virtual world to real world and bringing up through celebration.

Celebration is a medicine to depression. We can do it groups.

Retire ourself for a little bit everyday and find the inner peace.

– Sri Sri

Inner peace is a part of any religion.

Just like healing Ayurvedic herbs heal anybody regardless of religion, yoga exercises bring peace and take everyone deeper in their roots to their religion.

Just like dates come from Arab countries and everyone enjoys it, Yoga is for everyone to enjoy and benefit.