Don’t be that Fox !!

For quite few days, it seems I’m waking up to something wonderful. I get spaced out as well 🙂 (for the good reasons)

Whatever we do is directly or indirectly related to achieving fulfillment or sense of completeness. The education that we receive right from childhood is pregnant with hidden treasures of wisdom and inquiry. Stories are profound ways to convey some lessons or point. As a kid, when we complete hearing a story, the teacher or the adult will ask us – “What is the moral of the story “. We are artistically and emotionally nourished. As a child, we gave life to our toys and dolls. It was like refresh liveness everywhere. IQ needs a well developed emotional balance. As we grow, the intellect develops reasoning faculties. But it kind of overtakes the emotional nourishment.  Now I’m rewinding to those stories whose morals have a correlation or experience right now in my life. Taking the liberty of expression (to skew a bit) to bring some light.

In recent times, there are cool versions of the hare and the tortoise story in the management circle to depict how each other can add to the success of each other against the common challenges. The tortoise carrying the hare across the pond to the other side and hare carrying the tortoise on the land. Read here

The fox which tried to reach for the grapes higher finally gets frustrated and said – “Those grapes are too green and sour for my taste. I would not even eat them if someone gave them to me. Let someone else eat them! I don’t want them.”


This is the old version.

We could be that fox most times. We know it is good for us and keep trying and finally give up. And not only that but advocate to others that it is not good 🙂 We scorn things we don’t get. More dangerously cultivate a  “feeling” of being dispassionate. “Oh !! I don’t need this. I can live without it.” Really ?? Is it arising out of frustration or true dispassion.

I think to test your dispassion, you have to pursue what your passion is and then if you are able to drop (or not perturbed by having or lack of  it later ) it then it is something towards the right dispassion. We would later be naturally dispassionate.

Instead the fox could do some patient analysis. Maybe device a strategy to get it. Maybe even figure out if the grape is really sweet to pursue – (drawing inferences from others activities). Patiently wait for someone to arrive and help it. Maybe invite a giraffe to shake off the vineyard to make the grape within its reach or a jumping poll 🙂

1. Patience

2. Moving forward working with a plan towards the goal

3. Frequently checking at different milestones – Is that really going to help me ? Avoid wastage of energy and changing strategies.

4. Can I look for some help – Symbiosis.

Let us not be the fox of the regular version. A fox is cunning and intelligent. Who knows after the fox fetches those grapes, it could be really sour. It would learn its lesson but after giving its 100%.


Let us really shift our energy and skills towards what we aspire for, for our true purpose. Our nature should compliment with our right means and desire something which is fulfilling.

How often one might have buried their dreams and imaginations just that it is too difficult to obtain.  It is a fulfilling quality of our consciousness to dream , aspire and imagine. Let it sour high with the feet on the ground.

It is not be in denial of our limitations or denial of our aspirations. This attitude can put a check on concepts and close minded approach. To be open to possibilities, requires just a willingness to take one step forward in self-effort to see how things shape and allow it to happen.

Keep the spirit of enquiry high and rest assured will follow. Ofcourse !! You might need someone to guide through the process. A Master, knowledge, awareness are one’s rescue.