Knowledge Reveals Knowledge

Knowledge reveals itself as Knowledge.

Energy converts itself into another form of energy.

One flow creates new channel of flow.

One Question gives rise to many questions.

One Mystery deepens itself into more Mysteries.

One Wonder gives rise to further wonders.

One candle can light thousand other candles

A Words produce more words and meanings

A moment of Silence conveys the entirety of existence

One Desire creates zillions of desires – fulfilled some / unfulfilled many

One “random” act of kindness creates concrete definite courses

One name gives rise to multiple forms

7 Notes in unison produce music

Goodness doesn’t exists if not for evil

Life holds life in partnership with death.

The point of intersection is also the point of division.

If only we can realize that nothing can be understood in isolation, can we appreciate more of our nature.

Out of the ignorance of the totality of life, arises “The Me”

Understanding kindles love. 

The Master is absolutely connected with all aspects of life. The Master takes everything in entirety.

In the audio tape “Understanding Kindles Love”, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar answers questions of devotees about the existence of duality, love. He said it is only the understanding that can kindle love.

“Broaden your vision, deepen your roots” – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar