Into Photography…


Right from childhood playing kaleidoscope, making a pin-hole camera, physics experiments with prism, camera both film and digital has been bedrock of capturing rich expressions. Though one can say it is just photo with pixels, yet there seems to be something else talking to you. 

I wasn’t very much interested in cameras. One of the prime reason is that I cannot afford to buy one or rent one. In my final year in college, we choose digital image processing and others electives related to imaging and designing a content based image retrieving system. I thank my friend Nataraj specifically for the inception of the idea.

So I had to borrow a digital camera from my professor who held the custody of the camera for “official” purposes. We collected few same images using that for our sample image database. From that time for another 4 years maybe, I didn’t even bother to have a camera. Later coming into Oracle, I had another friend Tushar who was so passionate about photography. He kind of kindled the interests in me again. All I did was saw the flickr photos and feel deeply in love with some of them that I even took a print of few. Thus I started to develop a taste for photography.

To me it is all about composition of the image. A slight change in angle can make a huge difference in appeal. Isn’t true with any type of perception ? You say something and it can be taken in any way and thus a skill is needed.

Photography teaches me some of the amazing life lessons. To be in the present moment and patient.

Personally it is a good companion when your chips are down. You just take your camera and be totally with the scene. Some magical feeling arises. It needn’t reflect the same in your pictures but largely I find myself back in those process.

In recent times, I love taking pictures of Guruji (Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) and devotees. Some of the most poignant moment comes when devotees thank you back for capturing them with Guruji. That makes my day.

To see something so intimate and feeling good about them is a treasure.

What use is a skill which doesn’t benefit others.

What use is my camera if I cannot capture my Guru and His “kodak” moments.

Indeed I feel this is a gift from Him and I don’t take any credit for it.

Adding to my wish list  : To travel with Him on some big tour and capturing the finest moments and be a instrument to evoke and elate.

‘A PRAYER’ – By Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Give me not thirst if you cannot give me water.
Give me not hunger if you cannot give me food.
Give me not joy if I cannot share.
Give me not the skills if I cannot put them to good use.