Mirroring Oneself

Below is a small excerpt from satsang with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on Oct 22nd at The Art of Living International Ashram, Bangalore.

Sri Sri Ravishankar performed Yagnas which He says takes one from the Gross to Subtle

You are unimaginably dear to the Divine. This is the message of all the rituals and pujas of Navratri.

And I have already told you, that you belong to the Divine and you are very special to him and he is right here and right now!
Now don’t just think Gurudev (Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) is with you when he is front of you. Gurudev is in your heart as well.
You see, today Indrani (elephant) can into the hall and she saw herself in the screen and she got so scared because she has never seen herself in the mirror.
I thought, the same thing is happening in the world. Someone comes to you and get so frightened because you don’t know that they are YOU.
That is why the Guru is needed, so that he can make you see, that there is no difference between you and another. We are all the same.
So that is how it is in the world; the world seem exactly how we perceive it.
So, take the enthusiasm, the meditation and the knowledge and spread it all over.

It was so appropriate for me that I cannot ask for better timing.

If we see imperfection in others, it denotes there is the same imperfection in you in seed form waiting for the right opportunity to explode. That is the time to quickly identify if the required self-effort is missing or inadequate.

If we see perfection in others, it denotes there is the same perfection in you. Probably you need to nurture it more to express it.

If you see imperfection in others AND you are aware of what is going on, there is a possibility to take action. That is where knowledge comes to our rescue. Being in knowledge, we can be aware of the imperfections in oneself which might be reflected in others. So we can take action for oneself and others.

For this to happen, we need to aware of our emotions and feelings. Regular practice of Pranayama (breathing technique) & Meditation increases ones Prana and energy level. High Prana leads to more awareness of our patterns and gives the opportunity and strength to perfect oneself and in turn take responsibility for others action as well. When this happens, there is a window to move beyond the Gross level of emotions and feelings into something more subtle.

This is where a Guru’s presence is absolutely essential.

Bringing the attention back on the Guru and His teachings and to be in Service can help strengthen oneself during those moment.