Yoga Rave is here!

Yoga Rave in San Franscisco

Ever wondered if a party can charge you up after it is over ?

A Party with difference. No smoke, No Alcohol. Just pure joy, singing and dancing.

A celebration and party which feels so complete and charged up.

Yoga Rave is going to be in rocking San Francisco on Oct 12 2012 7PM

For more info visit here

Art of Living, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and My Self!

If you have not heard about Yoga Rave yet, you must be in some other planet who just got out of hibernation! Or maybe underground. Yoga rave, is the new way to party! A rave party like no other. It is a substance free party for all ages with yoga and meditation infused in between the hard rock techno sanskrit bhajans! Wow, now that is unusual blend! It is a healthy and balanced fun alternative where you sing and dance to mantras to feel energy, joy and enthusiasm that comes from within rather from external substances. Isn’t that something wonderful to experience?

Yoga Rave is a party like none other in the world, a new concept in fun where the body responds only to the stimulation of music, yoga & meditation. The initiative sprang forth from the Art of Living Foundation, the largest volunteer-run NGO in the world. Just like…

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