There is fairness in everything.

“There is fairness in everything” – The Law of Karma.

We often go through a passage of time, where we feel we have been badly treated or unlucky or “why me?”. When the word “Karma” is uttered, immediately we say “Ok !! That is too vague, philosophical or cliche”.  Let me relate this to sports and games.

I love sports. I’m not atheletic but my passion for sports is something deep that I tend to get hurt when I’m not able to play or compete. In pursuit of academics, I couldn’t join my school team and to be very honest, I feel one part of me is still longing for it. To be a sportsman is/was one of my dreams. What did I find in it ?

Well !! The playfulness and fairness.

Any Sport has to be fair. All games are played with the spirit of fun and excitement. The rules are framed and improvised to make it interesting and fair that ample opportunities to sharpen and exhibit one’s skill is provided.

Is there any game which is unfair to a player or audience? Fairness to audience is in enjoying the toughness, thrill and grit in the game. Fairness to the player is in the challenge each moment presents. Different games are there for different types of people.

A player is chosen for the game based on his willingness to know the game, work on the skills, utilize his skills  and to bring a enticing entertainment and fulfillment for the sake of the game and audience. There is the victory for the game. At the end of each game only the game wins.

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The players winning and losing is part of the game and eventually it is win-win only.

The same is with life. Each of us are given problems according to our skills and strength . If we horne our skills , then it is fantastic what the game of life offers, as no game is unfair, so is life.

But we think that we are entitled to receive from it more than what we deserve and making ourselves larger than life. It makes us and our opponent it’s part and ensure fairness so that there can be fun, excitement and celebration. Not monotonous.

Life itself creates the players and various games. The player if he knows what game to play is wise and will develop appropriate skills. Resisting the chance to play or improvise he suffers from eviction and revoking of skills and struggle goes to gain the new skill for the game he craves for (not in one’s nature) . This reminds me of what Krishna says “Arjuna !! You do your duty well instead of someone else.”

Following someone else’s path
And someone else’s dharma
Is against the very personal nature of our being
This is against the very aptitude (swadharma)
And can potentially lead to fear inside.
(Fear of the unknown and The fear of being against one’s nature) ||3:35||

  • Life is fair. Acceptance of Life as a game which is totally fair to its players
  • Life is playfulness. Participation in it brings fun.
  • Participate with “I’m given the skills to play the game”. So no need to feel left out. Confidence.
  • I will play to my skills. So no room for fear. You too have a chance to win. Courage
  • I will appreciate others skills. The skill which I don’t have is still part of the game but with the opponent which makes the game more beautiful. I can plainly appreciate it and keep wondering about it. Collaborate with the opponent to fine tune. Height of Sportsmanship. Sri Sri Ravishankar mentions in one of Ashtavakara Gita commentaries. “When someone is leading the Bhajan, just think its me only singing in that form of the person. Its all me and I’m part of it.”
  • Team work develops. Complementing each other. Oneness.

Finally The Game Wins, Life Wins, Not just me or you.

I find each of these aspects in Guruji – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. He is never shy to learn and simple shares what he knows and guides. More importantly He wouldn’t give more than what one can take at the point of time. More humbly He would say “I cannot take credit for all this as this is my very nature”. He treats Life as a Gift and in Service.

In my last few years with the Art of Living Foundation, I have learning some of these aspects and have been strengthening them. I’m thankful to my teachers and Guruji for offering the wonderful insights and techniques that helped to cherish my life.