The Master

The Master connects you with ‘That’ intelligence that is pervading everywhere.
The Master kindles the inner awakening and brings the “Aho” in you.
The Master protects you from downfall when you stumble.
The Master confuses (seemingly) you to make you multi-dimensional.
The Master’s compassion is beyond comparison and words.

Trust the Master and put your faith in Him, then Life starts blossoming.

Globalization has foxed us to associate success as leading more independent life with “control”. What a joke it has been ? Let me list down what all I think I’m in control of
1. Job – Recession shows nothing is secure
2. Health – Can’t even control a flu
3. Relationships – Can’t influence’s people’s opinions
4. Weather – Nature’s mercy (we can predict to some extent)
5. Stock Market – Goodness me.
6. Games – They are designed that you will loose sometime

The list goes on and on. But yet this feeling that I’m in control and I want things to be in control is the biggest illusion. The Master shows you how stupid your concepts are and what it means to be truly free and happy.

The Master gives you the bigger vision of life. The Master doesn’t advise you to run away but affirm life to the fullest possible extent. Wisdom cannot be put into words but in Master’s presence it starts unfolding right in front of you. In Master’s presence you will start loving yourselves and rest assured you will start loving everybody.